Geo Containment Solutions, is based in Ireland to service UK and Ireland customers and offers guaranteed BTL products along with great customer service. Our reinforced liners are out-performing the typical HDPE and EPDM all over Europe. BTL liners are lighter, stronger, easier to install and more affordable.

Seeing a need in the 1980’s, BTL Liners developed a liner material that would soon replace the options that were available at the time: HDPE, PVC, and EPDM- all of which are non-reinforced products.

This resulting liner material is a double-scrim reinforced polyethylene Liner (RPE) that is much stronger and more flexible than anything accessible on the market. Take a look at BTL’s installation process in the quick video below. Our Liners are resistant to many chemical

BTL- Liner Installation YouTube play


BTL combines all the advantages in liners:

  • It has the strength of HDPE
  • It’s flexible like PVC
  • Is long lasting like EPDM


In the last 30 years, BTL liners have become the leading industry standard in North America and is quickly reaching high demand in the rest of the world. The beauty of this high-strength, dependable product is it’s unmatched ability to be per-fabricated offsite for quick and easy installation that is both high-quality and cost-effective.

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