Below are just some of the applications of products provided by Geo Containment Solutions:


Storm Attenuation Liners

As a result of increased output in the construction industry strict guidelines have been put in place to manage stormwater runoff. Geo Containment solutions has worked with numerous construction companies, lining storm attenuation ponds, crate attenuation and tunnel attenuation systems. BTL’s stormwater liners create a watertight system that’s both strong, reliable, flexible and resistant to punctures.


Fire water storage liners

Due to strict regulations in industry to have water available on site for fire fighting purpose’s BTL liners are perfect for the lining ponds for the storage of this water.



BTL liners are the liner of choice for numerous prestigious golf courses in the US and becoming increasing popular in Europe. Our lIners are ideally suited to the Golf Industry they are made from environmentally friendly materials that are fish and plant safe. Most importantly, our liners are approved for potable human drinking water. Not all of the liners manufactured and fabricated by other companies have this certification. PVC liners are not environmentally friendly and can release plastisols into the water.



BTL liners have developed a reputation for both innovation and leadership in the RPE liner industry since the 1980s. Our ability to create the largest panels in the industry allows us to cover large areas with the fewest seams, thereby speeding up installation time and improving the performance of the liner as a whole.
In the US BTL liners recently lined a 40 acre irrigation reservoir. To appreciate the scale of such a project, this is equivalent to 36 American football fields! This set a new record for BTL and, incredibly, it was completed in only FOUR days.



Geo Containment Solutions also provides a service where we can custom fabricate a liner to any size Garden pond or outdoor swimming pool of your choice. We can also provide instructions for home owners to install the reinforced liner themselves. For small to medium ponds we can offer a service where we will dig out the garden pond also. There is no comparison to the reliability and lifespan our liners provide compared to other garden pond liners on the market.
Use outdoor swimming pool photo also.